The subject of camouflaged writings, a hitherto hardly noticed issue in European cultural history, is counted to the genre of “literature disguised”. This form is characterized by the fact that is intended to distract the unsuspecting one by the title page or an envelope or the cover of a publication from the actual, controversial explosive content. With such, mostly anonymously produced publications has been tried to get around bans and censorship and to prevent seizure. The exhibition attempts to approach this subject in addition to the core concept through different artistic positions.

For the exhibition curated by Emil Gruber, ORTLOS has designed a 3D multi-medial information carrier “The Sphinx”, which not only opens up additional content of the topic to the general public, but incorporates the camouflaged form which is not revealed to the visitors at the first sight.

“Tarnschriften – Verborgene Information” 05/12/2012 – 22/02/2013

Kuratoren: Emil Gruber (Idee) und Wenzel Mracek

Projektleitung: Christian Marczik

Ausstellungsdesign: ORTLOS Space Engineering

ORTLOS Projektteam: Ivan Redi, Andrea Redi, Emil Gruber, Dragan Danicic, Bernd Grabner, Gudrun Jöller, Elisabetta Lintner, Nikola Milatovic, Bernardo Daum, Melanie Troger

Photos: Nikola Milatovic

Ausstellungort: Landesbibliothek Steiermark, Joanneumsviertel 6

Veranstalter: Intro-Graz-Spection