This study for a tower office building explores issues of energy-efficiency and green building for a high-riser. The central element of the building is a vertical garden, which acts as green filter providing the office spaces with fresh air and pleasant micro-climate. This atrium is organizational element of the interior, and through the series of reflecting surfaces and mirrors it supplies the daylight deep into the working areas. The usage of indirect daylight will be maximized with reduction of glare, which is very important factor especially for computer workstations. The concrete core of the building with lifts and staircases as well the rucksack construction in the back acts as a thermal mass. Natural principle of chimney effect is used to transport and release hot air at the top of the building. The major problem for office towers is rather cooling then heating. Therefore the applied system will contribute to massive savings of energy and resources. Photovoltaic elements provide electricity for building services, such as ground to air heat exchanger, elevators, and the lighting. The intelligent facade reacts with automatic solar shaders to the sun position during the daytime and seasons. As mentioned the main objective here is to reduce overheating and direct glare, and at the same time provide excellent view.