This installation has been realized in medien.KUNSTLABOR, Kunsthaus Graz, during the steirischer herbst Festival 2005. The main part is the “Golem Trap”, in which visitors, in order to get free, had to create their own “Spirit of the Day” using new urban planning alphabet.

The aim of this installation is to express and expose a model for innovative forms of living and working for the European cultural space in the era of global network, the age difference, ambivalence and extreme openness. In the tradition of the open labs we will make local and international interdisciplinary vibrant agonists (artists, theoreticians and activists) have the opportunity to explore the reality of the multi-verse, which consists of many competing universes, and to prove to themselves, ie to develop an inner strength to embrace globalization as a benign process.

Following topics should be issued, derived from the idea Golem reloaded:

  • Fabrication of prêt-à-porter knowledge from the raw information
  • Fabrication of a new subjectivity for life in the global network
  • Expansion of the existing community – hierarchy versus heterarchy
  • Open source for food and production method
  • Realization of virtual spaces
  • Resonance with the site – respect for the borough of MKL Graz – 8020

Golem = information technology infrastructure for open, distributed and heterogenous application environments = condition sine qua non for the idea of ​​”networked city”. The technology can be as good or cause harm, depending on how we deal with it. And still the important thing is that technology and Golem have something in common – they are “shapeless” and thus malleable to everything, and able to everything. High tech + high-Mind = Golem Reloaded.

Credits | Design team: ORTLOS – Ivan Redi, Andrea Redi, Georg Flachbart with Bernd Grabner, Jochen Baumgarnter | Co-operation Partner: Steirischer Herbst 2005 | Exhibition space: MedienKunstLabor im Kunsthaus Graz &  | Support: KulturKontaktAustria