ORTLOS has been invited to the international conference “Shaping the future” in Košice, Slovakia, on the 9th and the 10th September. Andrea Redi and Georg Flachbart will report about creativity, as the energy of success, considering our project “City Lab – iVAN”. Košice will be European Capital of Culture in 2013. Free online registration for this event at: http://creative.kosice2013.sk/.

One of the main issues concerning the development of creative industry in Košice is the creation of space for the development of those new start up creative businesses. Where to place the ‚incubator‘ for start-up companies in the creative sector. The responsibility for establishing the ‚incubator‘ relies on the crucial investments made in the project Košice INTERFACE 2013. The current suggestion is that our creative incubator should be established in the area of Kasárne/Kulturpark (former military barracks) in Košice. /www.kulturpark.sk/.

What is ‚creative‘ industry?

At the conference „Creative, cultural industry – a new growth factor in the EU?“, held in December 2007 in Brussels, creative industry was defined as a multi-layered marketing segment, which includes cultural industry, more or less defined as; visual arts, dramatic art, musical art, cultural heritage, television and radio broadcasting, cinema, audiovisual, computer and console games, book publishing (including advertising) design and architecture linked to associated areas, such as the production of hardware, mobile phones, MP3 players etc. A net share of more than 2.3% of EU GDP in 2003 came from creative industry. The turnover from creative industry in 2003 was more than 100 billion Euro more than turnover in the ICT industry (Information and Communication Technology) and 350 billion Euro more than the automobile industry. According to the study „Interactive Content and Convergence – Implications for the Information Society“, published on 25 January 2007 by the Directorate General for Information Society and Media (part of the European Commission) (covering EU 25) revenues will rise from online content more than fourfold from 1.8 billion Euro in 2005 to 8.3 billion Euro in 2010.Source: www.ciforum.sk/priemysel.htm