While the cultural program of the China-Austria-year starts with the first events, and thus, the characteristics of both countries at the center, offer the Austrian Cultural Forum, as always, a variety of unusual events around the world: In Warsaw inspire Silke Hassler and Peter Turrini the literature interested audience, in London architects of ORTLOS are showing their new projects and in New York studied the issue “AlpineDesire” with the specific cultural and historical themes of the “Alpine” related desires.

A magazine program by Rosa Maria Plattner

11 January – 3 March , ACF London
ORTLOS Space Engineering Performative Networked Design
Exhibition, Workshop & Book launch

ORTLOS Space Engineering is an immersive spaces design studio, which develops innovative environments as a new channel for engaging with communities and building spatial experiences. The studio translates 21 century technologies into spatial systems and strategies – packing the ideas and visions into architecture. Ortlos is German for ‘placeless’ and appropriately describes this virtual architectural office and discussion forum dealing with experimental architecture, urban planning, media theory, art installations and interface design. Architects, web designers, media theorists, media artists, and information-technology specialists from around the world collaborate in a trans-local environment, created out of a network of virtually combined workplaces.