The Showroom - Making complexity simple

KNAPP AG is one of the top players in logistics and related services. The showroom situated in the newly build Headquarters in Hart bei Graz, Austria, will show to the customers and visitors the whole spectrum of products and software services provided by the company. The complexity of logistics and the huge amount of generated data should be visualized through an interactive installation. The main design elements are Light, Information, and interactive Surface. The interactive object in space the “Infinite Loop” carries digital boxes, a pixel metaphor for the huge screen. The boxes represent the data packages as a source of information.

The question "how everything connects to everything else" will be materialized through on-demand spatial setting and data visualization.

The Foyer - Augmented reality

The Foyer welcomes visitors and clients by introducing the complexity of logistics. Simplifying the complexity makes products and services understandable. The multi-functional space, with augmented reality devices, provides a hands-on experience for the users. The metaphor of infinitive loops symbolizes how everything is connected and inflow.

The foyer welcomes visitors and clients. This multi-functional multi-modal space offers different scenarios to enter the world of KNAPP.

ORTLOS team: Ivan Redi with Djordje Kitic, Dusan Nikolic, Ivana Velickovic, Marko Dimitrijevic.