Importance of the site in Beijing’s prominent location requires unique architectural statement. “Educational Centre” has an international importance, which is rooted into local environment.

The pyramid is a simple yet powerful geometry, whose design reacts to the constraints and potential of the different programs housed within, including kindergarten, youth centre and additional sport and educational programs. The influence of the specific distribution of functions above and bellow the ground, and the requirement for daylight, creates a silhouette that is both rational and sculptural.

The basic shape of pyramid, provide the natural shading in summer outside, distributes and reflects the daylight inside, makes additional building extensions easy with low costs, utilities the site efficiently, covers the outdoor spaces for rain protection and creates a memorable symbol for knowledge sharing institution.

The sloped onward landscape toward main entrance creates an additional exciting spatial moment and invites kids and visitors to enter the building. These public spaces host social activities during daytime and open possibilities for activating the entire area after learning hours.

Top Win “International Education Centre” is an spatial experience not only for learning and sports, but also for creativity and imagination as well the social interaction.



돌접쏜俚檢돨샘굶써뭐菱횔뒈瓊묩죄쉔蓼杆코棍瞳謳센돨樑捺묘콘,怜唐瞳땝莖矜狼돨珂빅,格捺꼽콘殮돕쉔蓼코꼬,瓊묩莖횔돨괏킁。 譚黨“庫路신햐”돨侶湳寧蘆近駕,冷賈돤灌윱돨윈쉔뫘속돨됴냥굶,렘긱우쌥。