Smart Spaces - digital transformation

Digital transformation in Industry 4.0 seen through architectural point of view describes the "smart spaces" as the "Internet of Spaces". Compared to IoT (Internet of Things), it conceptualizes the interconnected intelligent spaces which are adaptable to the user in any possible way. The building block of such environments is Information.
The virtualisation and digital transformation of new Workingspace is based on: transdisciplinary collaboration within interactive, responsive and immersive spaces. There are three major areas of the concept for the future of Workspace, defining what and how we create (Virtual Prototype), what is our organizational structure and how we collaborate (Virtual Enterprise), and what is our new working environment (Virtual Environment).


Interconnected Spaces

Spaces of the future are smart environments responsive to the User. To design these spaces holistic approach and trans-disciplinary expert team are needed.


Novel Spatial Concept

Added value is created through elements of ambient intelligence. The smart environment acts as a computer and reacts upon the User on-demand.


User Experience

Space is defined through user experience rather than pre-defined and determined functions. Form follows feedback.


Future Workplace

As the production process gets even more automated and computerized the new worker of the future is the knowledge worker.

Concept by Dr. Ivan Redi